About Baby Spa

Why The Baby Spa

Baby Spa is the ultimate destination for your baby to enjoy a lifetime experience that has been carefully placed and exclusively delivered to leave you with overwhelming memories. Baby Spa offers a selection of pampering treatments including baby hydrotherapy/jacuzzi, massage, hair services, nails and makeovers for your child to relax and for you to remember.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Our hydrotherapy session is designed for babies between the ages of 1 month to 18 months. The session is proven to be beneficial for a baby's physical and mental health. The staff are well trained and educated to handle babies with care and passion.

What We Do

Baby Spa offers haircuts and hair treatments for children. We also have nails section for our little princesses with manicure of their choice. And we thought that it will be exquisitely beautiful to pamper our little girls by offering a makeover area for them to dress up in their favorite outfits.

Meet Our Staff


Meet Jonnalyn, or as we call her Jenny, The Little One. Enjoys playing Badminton in her free time and try new food. She enjoys being around kids. She is always available for help!


Meet “Jacky”! The reliable one. Our hydrotherapy and massage expert. Enjoys dancing, singing and laughing. Loves being around babies during hydrotherapy in Baby Spa! ⁣✨


Meet Hazel Raneses, our Massage and Nails therapist. Committed One, Hazel decided to join Baby Spa to implement her studies and be around kids as much as possible. She likes to go swimming in her free time.


This is Girlie, the Creative One! the hairstylist at Baby Spa. She is 39 years old with 2 children. She likes to listen to R&B's and enjoys traveling.