Frequently Asked Questions

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1How long is the message session?
Between 45 mins to one hour. The hydrotherapy/jacuzzi takes around 20 minutes, massage takes another 20 mins, and nails usually take 10 minutes.
2What should I bring?
Your baby milk/formula is a must since babies usually get thirsty after the session. Extra set of clothes if you are willing to let the baby change into new outfit. If your baby is using special type of diaper/nappy, please don't forget to get an extra one.
3Can we take photos?
Absolutely! You can take as many as you wish! However, please mind the privacy of other babies around the spa. And don't forget to mention us @babyspaae and use our hashtag #OurPoshBaby
4 Will my baby be swimming with others?
No! For hygiene reasons, each tub can accommodate one baby only. Our tubs are sanitized with Ozone Purification after each and every use which is ideal for babies.
5How old should my baby be?
For our tubs and massage, babies should be 2 months- 18 months old, depending on height and weight. For our hair stations, nails and makeovers, we accept children up to 13 years old.
6Are the floating devices for sale?
No, they are not for sale.
7Do I need to accompany my baby?
All babies should be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
8Is it safe?
Since the baby becomes weightless in water, the main purpose of the floater used is to keep them floating vertically. The floater is positioned safely and loosely around the neck, under the baby's chin and occipital bone.
9What are your prices?
Spa Services:
Hydrotherapy & Massage 280 AED
Our Posh Baby (Hydrotherapy, Massage, Hair Cut, Nail Cut) 330 AED
Face Mask 95 AED

Hair Salon:
Hair Trim 59 AED
Hair Cut 79 AED
Hair Treatment 105 AED
Hairstyle 105 AED

Nail Cut 25 AED
Manicure 49 AED
Pedicure 49 AED
Manicure & Pedicure 95 AED