Top Five Tips for Feeding your Newborn –

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January 13, 2020
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Feeding a Newborn born baby can be a tough task to do, especially if you just had your first child.

Making sure that your child gets proper nutrition is one of the fundamental duties fulfilled by a parent. 

Here’s a list of tips that you can follow: 

  1. Wait for the Cues

When your newborn is hungry, they would start giving out some signs that indicate their hunger to be fed. 

Always remember and wait for these patterns, as feed at the right time ensures that your newborn doesn’t turn out to be cranky. 

Some common signs can be lip-smacking, putting in their mouths, hands-on their stomach, keeping hands close to their mouth, etc. 

If your young one has not shown any signs every time they experience hunger. 

Don’t worry they will soon start showing such signs. So, you can observe cues to create a feeding pattern for your newborn.

2. Feed them at regular intervals

Newborn babies are required to be fed for about 8-10 times a day.

Which means feeding is done every hour or two. 

While feeding always try to make your baby burp before the next feeding, this will make sure that she would be hungry for the next feeding. 

This will also help in making sure that you don’t overfeed your baby.

3. Stick to breastfeeding

A newborn baby will not require any water or some food supplement since birth.

Just stick to breastfeeding during this time. 

Don’t try to experiment with something, breast milk is the most nutritious diet for your newborn. 

4. Remember Feeding Patterns change

Hunger and feeding pattern of babies can change over time. 

Just make sure that you look for the hunger cues before feeding, not just following the old feeding time schedule.

Also, the right nutrition at the right time is crucial. Excessive consumption of milk can make your newborn sick, as her digestive has not evolved yet.

5. Always trust your gut

 Nobody in the world can know a baby better than her mother. 

So, if you experience a gut feeling that the baby needs to be fed, then just go ahead and feed your baby. 

Some Indications such as wet diapers, weight gain are some good signs of a healthy baby rather than the quantity or frequency of milk consumed.